Joe Troia

Head Coach 


I was born and raised in Omaha, NE where I was a multi-sport athlete through high school.  I went on to attend the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse to play football.  I earned multiple WIAC awards, National recognition, 2nd Team All Conference honors.  I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Recreation Management and a minor in Business Administration.  I then went on to earn my Master's Degree in Recreation Administration with a concentration in Exercise Science from the University of Nebraska-Omaha.


During graduate school I started my career of personal training while also playing Arena football. I worked with all types of clients ranging from age 8 to 80.  For 3 years, I was a full-time personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach.  After three years in Omaha, my lovely wife and I decided to move to Green Bay, WI to start our family as well as two new opportunities in the fitness and nonprofit industries.  


In my second year of living in Green Bay, CrossFit started to grow on me through a friend.  I started to sign up for competitions and change my Olympic and sport specific training style towards CrossFit.  After competing in local competitions I decided to jump all-in and start to make an impact in the CrossFit community.


I joined CrossFit De Pere in May 2016 as a part-time coach and my role grew significantly in just a few short months.  I have found in the CrossFit community that everyone pushes and supports each other while also striving to be their best. 


My wife and I have two beautiful girls, Kinley and Eliana. In my free time, I spend as much time with them as possible. 


Credentials/Education: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, USAW Sports Performance Coach, NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, Red Cross CPR and AED Certified 

CrossFitting Since: 2015

CrossFitting Goals: Make regionals in the next few years, but the short term goal is to finish in the top 10% in every competition I sign up for. 

Home Town: Omaha, Nebraska

Hobbies: Spending time with family, traveling, reading, taking on new challenges. 

Favorite WOD: I don't necessarily have a favorite, but I love ones with Olympic lifting or heavier lifting. I am starting to enjoy ones that involve skills that I'm not great at (yet).

Sarah Deutsch

Coach / Office Administrator


I was born and raised in a suburb of Milwaukee, WI. I was in multiple sports throughout high school and was an active lifeguard and swim instructor at our local YMCA.   Shortly after graduating high school,  I married my high school sweet heart.  Still continuing my path of being active, I completed two sprint triathlons; I felt like this was just the beginning of my active lifestyle.  


Then life happened. I had my first daughter and it was much harder to get out for a run, bike, or even think of exercising.  We moved up to Green Bay WI for my husband’s job and I felt like I was starting life over.  Fast forward a few more years and I had two more children.  I was completely overweight, no longer athletic , and lost my drive to do anything active.  I was the heaviest I had ever been, even pregnant, and I knew I had to do something!


My friend, who was a CrossFit coach, suggested I give CrossFit a try. I thought CrossFit people were NUTS! However,  I told myself I would do it for three months. If I didn’t like it and I didn’t see results I would quit. (Don’t knock it until you try it)   I was hooked! I love every aspect of CrossFit.  I have never been bored and love the feeling of accomplishment after completing a movement I thought I couldn’t do.  I love the strength I have built and my endurance is better than it ever has been before.  In the summer of 2015, I completed my first 1/2 Marathon.  I trained with my 9 year old daughter to do a 10K run and it is just overwhelming to see your children accomplish something and you being able to do it alongside them. 


I am still a work in progress.  Along with everyone who desires to accomplish more.  Every month I try to come up with a new goal I want to work on. Always trying to challenge myself. 


My desire to become a coach, was to simply help people.  No matter where you are at in your life; whether you are in shape, out of shape, overweight or whatever it is. I want to help.  I will encourage you to no ends. I will put forth my effort and time to help you become the person and athlete you want to become.   


We ALL start somewhere. You don't fail until you stop.  Keep going.  


Credentials/Education: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFitting Since: 2015

CrossFitting Goals: I want to PR in every movement this year and really push myself to RX in every workout. 

Home Town: Cudahy, WI

Hobbies: Spending time with my family, anything crafty, I enjoy a great cup of coffee and anything that can get me to laugh. Laughing is my favorite.

Favorite WOD: I don't necessarily have a favorite wod, but I love long workouts and chippers.


My husband Rob and I have have three awesome kids; Kaelyn, Solomon and Adalyn.  And you will see them working out at the gym with us.  #futurecrossfitters

Eric Boulanger



I’ve been in Corrections and/or Law Enforcement my entire career and after years of being in a car and behind a desk my physical activity and exercise were non-existent. My physical health and overall self-confidence hit an all-time low, I had to make a change so I started doing circuit type training. I began to see results and feel better, so I transitioned to strength and conditioning. With a little motivation from my coach I competed in my first CrossFit competition. Not being a CrossFitter I did ok, but from that point on I knew CrossFit is what I wanted to do and have been drinking the cool aid ever since. I can’t wait to help you any way I can in your fitness journey, and always remember no matter how far you are in your journey, Burpees and Thrusters will always suck! Can’t wait to meet you!


Credentials/Education: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Independent AdvoCare Distributor, BS in Criminal Justice

CrossFitting Since: 2015

CrossFitting Goals: Get Fit, follow good nutrition and supplementation. Help as many people as  can to progress and achieve their fitness goals.

Home Town:  DePere Wisconsin

Hobbies: CrossFit, Sports, travel, riding the Harley and hanging with my Golden Retriever “Murphy”

Favorite WOD: Chippers! I love working with another or a group, it really motivates me and they usually SUCK! In a good way!

Rob Deutsch



I grew up in a small suburb of Milwaukee, WI where I was active in high school sports participating in basketball, volleyball, baseball, and track.  After school I found it difficult to obtain the drive and determination to attain any fitness goals that I had.  Like most of us, life happened.  I let work, family, and lack of commitment to a fitness program get in the way of becoming fit.  After years of literally sitting on my butt at work as a truck driver, I wanted a change. Crossfit was the change I needed!  I love knowing that every workout is going to be different and challenge my physical and mental capacity.


After a couple of years attending the gym, I decided to obtain my CFL1 certification.  I wanted to learn and grow in my fitness goals and help others do the same.  Going to the box can be frustrating and intimidating.  It's easy to get discouraged.  I want to help others develop the drive and determination to be the best they can be by meeting and exceeding their nutrition and fitness goals.

Credentials/Education:  CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFitting Since: 2015

CrossFitting Goals: Increase strength and become proficient at body weight/gymnastics movements 

Home Town:  Cudahy, Wisconsin

Hobbies: Spending time with family, Crossfit, sports

Favorite WOD:  I don't necessarily have a favorite WOD but I like skill and endurance WODs that incorporate multiple movements

Kaitlyn Hintz



I grew up in Stevens Point, Wisconsin where athletics were always a huge part of my life.  In high school I participated in both cross country and track & field and then decided to continue my athletic career at St. Norbert College.  In May of 2017 I graduated from St. Norbert with a degree in Elementary Education and decided to move to Green Bay to pursue my teaching career.  


During college, I was introduced to CrossFit and have been hooked ever since.  At first, CrossFit started out as a healthy supplement to my track/cross country training, but I soon found it to be much more than just a hobby.  In 2015 I dove into the CrossFit world head first.  I got my CF-L1, started coaching at my hometown gym, and participated in multiple competitions.  Throughout my college athletic career and years spent immersed in the CrossFit world, I gained a lot of knowledge in nutrition, coaching strategies, and responsible training.  


One of the best things about CrossFit is the community.  Surrounding yourself with like-minded, goal oriented people does wonders - there is no better way to start or end your day.  CrossFit can be a mental mind game, but making it through a tough workout or pushing your body to that next level with the support and encouragement of those around you is priceless.

Credentials/Education:  CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, St. Norbert College

CrossFitting Since: 2015

CrossFitting Goals: Qualify for the Granite Games 

Home Town:  Stevens Point, WI

Favorite WOD:  Angie

Maddie Landgraf


I grew up in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin where I was fully engulfed in athletics throughout my entire childhood, participating in as many sports as possible.  In high school I was involved in basketball and soccer and decided to continue my athletic career in basketball at Concordia University Wisconsin. In May of 2017, I graduated from CUW with a degree in Psychology.


After completing my final year of basketball, I was introduced to CrossFit and have yet to turn back. CrossFit has become more than just a hobby, it has turned into a lifestyle. In 2017, I received my CF-L1 and immediately started coaching at my sister’s gym in Mequon, WI and began participating in competitions as well. 


The tight-knit and supportive community that CrossFit prides itself on creates a unique atmosphere that I have found I cannot live without. My favorite part about CrossFit is that it does not matter where you come from or what fitness level you are at, there is always an opportunity for you to face new challenges and conquer goals you never thought possible.


Credentials/Education:  CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CPR & AED Certified, Concordia University Wisconsin

CrossFitting Since: 2016

CrossFitting Goals: Finish 1st in an RX competition. 

Hobbies: Being outdoors and spending time with family; along with enjoying a morning in a coffee shop with Coach Kaitlyn.

Home Town:  Elkhart Lake, WI

Favorite WOD:  Cindy


Lisa Borgstrom

Weightlifting Coach Apprentice


Throughout high school I played several sports and used weight training as a way to become stronger and stay in shape in the off season. In college I took up running and trained for half marathons as a way to be active and still be competitive. After an injury prevented me from running for almost two months I never got back in to it, and I found myself a bit lost in the fitness world with nothing that really motivated me to be better.

I eventually joined a gym with a strength and conditioning program where I was trained by Coach Joe. I forgot how much I enjoyed strength training, and a few years later I decided to enter a partner CrossFit competition at CrossFit De Pere. I became hooked and I joined CFDP in June of 2016. My favorite WODs were always the ones with barbell movements and I started to focus on making my Olympic lifts better since they were fairly new to me. I’ve never looked back since!

Olympic weightlifting has pushed me in so many ways I never thought were possible and gives me a never ending opportunity to be a better version of myself. I decided to get my USAW Sports Performance Coaching certification to understand more about the sport, become a better athlete, and hopefully have the opportunity to share my passion with others. My goal as a coach is to show people that weightlifting is for anybody, and that you are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for.

Credentials/Education:  BS in Biology- UW Stevens Point, USAW Sports Performance Coach

Weightlifting Since: BS in Biology- UW Stevens Point, USAW Sports Performance Coach

Weightlifting Goals: Qualify for the American Open Finals and Nationals 

Home Town:  Somerset, WI

Hobbies: Playing with my dog, spending time with friends, working on projects around the house

Favorite lift: Snatch

Selena Cashman


I grew up in De Pere, Wisconsin where sports and fitness played a huge impact on my life. Throughout my high school years, I participated in soccer and tennis but also enjoyed running. I attended St. Norbert College where I was a part of the St. Norbert Rowing Team for 3 years. I graduated in 2019 with a Business Administration Management degree.


My interest in CrossFit began when I was attending college. A Youtuber I was watching started doing CrossFit and they raved about it so much, I thought I would give it a go! After the first week I could no longer move my body but there was no going back - I wanted more of it. Fast Forward 2 years later I received my bachelors degree and my CF-L1. I wanted to learn and grow as an athlete while also helping people become better individuals through fitness.


Yes, anyone can do CrossFit, it’s just about taking that first step into the gym! The CrossFit community is definitely one of a kind. We are encouraging and inviting community. You will be surprised at what your body can do, especially once you toss around a barbell!

CrossFitting Since:  2017 

CrossFitting Goals: RX in a competition 

Home Town:  De Pere, WI

Hobbies:  I enjoy spending time with friends and family, watching Netflix, traveling, food, and coffee 

Favorite WOD: I don’t necessarily have a favorite workout, but I enjoy squat cleans 



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